"always continuing to flow..

always moving...always learning."

Kate Armstrong

Kate Armstrong is an internationally trained dancer and movement specialist. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, as a young girl she trained in Russian classical ballet and many styles of dance.

After many years of the rigours of training, she sustained a career-altering knee injury requiring invasive surgery, thus prompting her to reassess her training needs.

This hiatus propelled her towards an inspirational education in contemporary dance Martha Graham and African dance movement. To aid her recovery, she incorporated the strengthening, balanced healing movements of Pilates, Yoga and the Alexander technique. Through this combination of techniques she was able to realign her body, gain increased mobility, and recover from her knee injury.


She travelled to London and trained extensively in various movement disciplines while teaching Pilates, Contemporary Dance, Stretch and Relaxation at many of London's finest health centres, plus workshops at exclusive resorts in both the Caribbean and Europe.


She continued her training in Pilates, Dance and Yoga and has travelled to New York for additional Pilates training and certification. Returning to Sydney and gaining a Diploma in Pilates 


After over 25 years of training and exploring movement techniques, she has developed body-in-tuition™ which combines The Precision of Pilates, The Flexibility of Yoga and The Energy of Dance.


The body-in-tuition™ conditioning program has been inspired from her empowering journey with movement through the years of learning, constant training, injury, re-rehabilitation and beyond.

" With all the years of teaching, training and  learning about movement I still feel I have so much to learn  and grow and share on the journey."